Vollenwald Ashmead

Former King of House Ashmead




Vollenwald Ashmead is the King of House Ashmead, and the reason for its meteoric decline in recent years.

The King inherited the Ashmead throne at an early age after the Death of his mother Erzabet Ashmead, and grew to power with a sense of his own superiority to the common people.

His laws were draconian, his punishments sadistic, and his absolute obsession with sorcery and the mystic arts eclipsed any and all statesmanship required of him. This lead to continual and repeated insurrections and rebellions against his rule.

Once his son, Adalbrecht Ashmead, grew to maturity, the insurrections grew less numerous, but his own people still despised Vollenwald.

Vollenwald surrounded himself with charlatans, mystics, and supposed practitioners of the magical arts. He was obsessed with learning of the world beyond his own. It is difficult to say whether or not he found any true power, but King Vollenwald’s lips are stained blue from shade of the evening, and he looks remarkably young for his age.

After his first wife, Hrothswitha Ashmead, accidentally took an assassin’s blade meant for Vollenwald, he marriedHannah Handon, daughter of Vollenwald’s good friend and ally, Robert Handon.

Recently, after the slaughter of almost all of the city of Ashmead, Vollenwald took part in a ploy to hold Vespasian Ord captive. This move made little sense to the outside world, as King Vespasian found Adalbrecht not guilty of the crime he was accused of.

Vollenwald finally lost the Ashmead throne to one of his bannermen, Lord Iosef Leszek, and no one has seen him since.


His Queen, Hannah Handon
His now deceased son, Adalbrecht Ashmead
His bastard-in-law, Lamprecht Fitzhandon

Vollenwald Ashmead

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