The Sealgaire

The Youngmays worship a number of their own gods, called the Sealgaire (Shall-gare-a). The Sealgaire are a bloody and brutal pantheon, well suited to the Youngmay’s temperament.

The Religion itself is very open and accepting of new traditions. The Sealgaire are not interested in pomp or formality. Practices tend to consist of offerings or sacrifices, and a sharing of legends and stories.

The Sealgaire are concerned with the natural world, and don’t care much for progress or technology. Many of their more devout adherents live in the woods and glens and other sacred places of their gods.

In the Youngmay faith, every Sealgaire god was once a beast or monster of the world, and ascended to godhood. Thus, worshipping the Sealgaire means becoming a divine monster.


From eldest to youngest in their cosmology:

Macha the Many-Handed – God of All
Braegga the Crow – God of Breath
Slainidh the Morgen – God of Blood
Nemhain the Hag – the Culling God
Daan Cesta the Hunted – God of Prey
Caerrnonos the Horned – God of the Hunt
Ananda the Serpent – God of War
Crobha the Slaugh – God of the Harvest
and The Torchbearer – the Kin God

The Sealgaire

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