The Dead Man's Bounty


The Dead Man’s Bounty is a pirate vessel, feared throughout the seas of all Ur-Vaalbara. It is helmed by Captain Jatoll Reis, who runs one of the fiercest pirate crews this side of westeros.

Captain Reis also hires himself out as a privateer, doing odd jobs for the various noble houses of Ur-Vaalbara.

Reis, and the majority of his crew, hail from Asshai, and are rumoured to possess fell magics. But, then again, sailors are a superstitious lot.

It became public knowledge that the Dead Man’s Bounty went down near the coast of Adavaar territory, and no wreck has been found.


Captain Jatoll Reis
Quartermaster Pieter Van Velde
Crewman Kaasa
Crewman Quortho
Crewman Delial Tenhide

The Dead Man's Bounty

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