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The setting is the continent of Ur-Vaalbara, the characters are those who inhabit this warring empire.


Long ago, in times so ancient they have been lost to recorded history, Ur-Vaalbara was unconquered and free, inhabited by beings of legend like the Hyades, Anemoi, and Stormcrows. But those times are dead and gone, and now only the bones of the Stormcrows remain.

The empire of Ur-Vaalbara was founded by its most ancient of noble families, the Ords. The Ords arrived to the continent after journeying from far Essos. Unlike the conquering kings of Westeros, the Ords found a continent deserted and empty, but lush with resources. Sending for only their most faithful retainers, the Ords claimed their new land and christened it a paradise.

But, of course, over time tensions and rivalries grew, and inevitably turned bloody. The Ords grew more tyrannical and despotic the more they attempted to control and dictate their will to their disobedient subjects.

Eventually, many of the Houses rebelled, and raised a long and gruesome revolution that lasted seventy years. But in the end, the Ords and the loyalists were defeated, and the rulership of the Empire was seized by the Lockyears, who rule Ur-Vaalbara to this day.


The highest position in the empire is, of course, the House of Emperors. Then the next most distinguished Houses of Ur-Vaalbara are those whose ancestors originally accompanied the Ords on their journey from Essos to Ur-Vaalbara.

These Houses include, in rough order of prominence:

House Lockyear
House Kerrich
House Ord
House Stannard
House Youngmay
House Sioccrass
House Levansaw
House Ashmead
House Dagrun
House Redway and House Adavaar
House Benjoy
House Branislav
House Harper
House Logue

A few major noble Houses either joined the empire later in their history, or were created from nothing. These include, again in order of prominence:

House Fitzhewlett
House Handon
House Gaberdine
and The Duchy of Bellerose

There are also a number of lesser Banner Houses that serve the major Houses of Ur-Vaalbara, including:

House Amandine, sworn to the Lockyears
House Merthyr, sworn to the Kerrichs
House Orellana, sworn to the Stannards
House Mael Maedoc, sworn to the Youngmays
House Tuevo, sworn to the Sioccrass
House Vered, sworn to the Levansaws
House Swal, sworn to the Ashmeads
House Leszek, sworn to the Ashmeads
House Pryszemislaw, sworn to the Ashmeads
House Cenhelm, sworn to the Handons
House Talvace, formerly sworn to the Dagruns
House Wyborg, sworn to the Redways
House Vengerrick, sworn to House Adavaar
House Griffiths, sworn to the Branislavs
House Falmouth, sworn to the Harpers
House Haight, sworn to the Logues
House Eastmund, sworn to the Fitzhewletts
House Leofric, sworn to the Fitzhewletts
House Shankill, sworn to the Gaberdines
House Dorien, sworn to the Duchy of Bellerose


In addition to the inhabitants of Ur-Vaalbara itself, there are several lands that neighbour the empire who have had both peaceful and violent contact with the continent.

These far lands include:


Ur-Vaalbara is plagued by pirates and sea raiders. The most famous of which are the crew of the Dead Man’s Bounty.


Ur-Vaalbara contains many dominant faiths.

Most of Ur-Vaalbara follows the Faith of the All
House Ashmead follows an Animistic faith, and worships the spirits of the land
House Handon, the Duchy of Bellerose, and the whole of Aine worship the Vaesir pantheon
House Youngmay worship the Sealgaire

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