House Youngmay


The Youngmays are known as a brutal and violent House, and also as a brave and unfailingly loyal one. The Youngmays, throughout their entire history, have never been very welcome in the courts of other Houses. They are thought of as rude, lacking civility, and often pay no attention to courtly law. For instance, it is relatively common for Youngmays to marry whoever they want, irrelevant of their social station. The other Houses, even their allies, looked down on them for their lack of social grace.

The exception is House Ord, whose obsession with fairness and impartiality demands they give the Youngmays the same respect they would give any other house. Centuries of being looked down upon by their peers made the Youngmays very loyal to the only House that would treat them as equals.

In the past, the Youngmays were to the Ords what the Kerrichs are to the Lockyears: they were the sword of the empire.

Another aspect of Youngmay culture that makes relations difficult with the rest of Ur-Vaalbara’s nobility is the fact that the Youngmays are a matrilineal culture. The eldest daughter inherits the crown, not the son. Which makes marrying into other Houses tricky.

If a Youngmay marriage produces a daughter, then the Youngmays will want the daughter to inherit the throne over the son.

The Youngmays were, and continue to be, the House most dedicated to returning the Ords to the Sceptre. Unlike most Houses, the Youngmays have no desire to rule over all of Ur-Vaalbara, they do not think idle governance is suited to them. They would prefer to stand as the fist of the true empire once again.

In fact, 15 years ago, the Youngmays did rebel, and lost. It cost Queen Mearyn Youngmay her eldest son, Callum Youngmay, who was warded to the Stannards.

Recently, the Youngmays have been trying something different. Instead of focusing on resuscitating the old empire, they’ve marched across the sea to the neighbouring land of Lhazar. Lhazar was under the domination of a number of Dothraki Khals, whom the Youngmay’s jumped at the chance to fight.

Almost incidentally, the Lhazar peoples were so grateful to their liberators, that they asked to join House Youngmay. So, at present, House Youngmay has the largest population and army of any House, though far from the most disciplined.

The Youngmays follow the faith of the Sealgaire, and worship old gods that the rest of the empire has forgotten.


Queen Mearyn Youngmay
Maeve Youngmay
Brigid Youngmay
SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard
Cu Maeve
Callum Youngmay is warded to the Stannards


The assassins Gaunt & Gallow serve at Queen Youngmay’s discretion.


Youngmay territory is full of deep, black forests and misty fens. It is virtually lawless outside of the royal keeps. The attitude of most people in Youngmay territory is that if you can’t stop someone from stealing from you, you didn’t deserve to have it in the first place.

House Youngmay

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