House Stannard


House Stannard is a House with a long, noble history who has recently fallen upon harsh times.

House Stannard is known throughout Ur-Vaalbara for its theatre and art, as well as its mummers and artists. It is said that if a court doesn’t have a Stannard minstrel, it shouldn’t have one at all.

House Stannard was the only House to remain neutral during the war of the rebellion. For seventy years, they could not risk any marriages outside their own territory, as to cede to one side or the other would destroy their not-particularly-militarized House.

So the Stannards bred with each other, in an attempt to keep their bloodline pure. It didn’t work.

The Stannard bloodline is now riddled with corruption and bad genes, which has resulted in some truly unfortunate individuals.

The current King of House Stannard, Charles Stannard, is mentally ill to such a degree that he is incapable of ruling his Kingdom. So his brother, Edwin Stannard, rules as regent until such a time that Charles regains his mind (i.e. never).

The Stannards are anxious to marry outside of their own House. Desperate even.

To partly serve that point, they have recently created House Orellana, who flies the Stannard banner.

15 years ago, in the wake of the Youngmay rebellion, House Stannard was given the Youngmay boy, Callum, as a ward to ensure that the Youngmays did not rebel again.


King Charles Stannard
Regent Edwin Stannard
Queen Joyce Benjoy
Raun Stannard
while Callum Youngmay is their ward.


Stannard territory is flush with fishing, pearl diving, and grain farming. Their lands are very hilly, and somewhat tricky to navigate without roads.

House Stannard

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