House Ord


The original settlers and conquerors of the empire, and the family that gave Ur-Vaalbara its name. House Ord has a storied past.

The Ords ruled Ur-Vaalbara for centuries, until they were deposed by the rebel Houses roughly a hundred years ago. In the past, they were renowned for their fair judgment, impartiality, and stabilizing effect on the governance of the empire. But eventually, beginning with the emperor Flavius Ord XVIII, the Ords began to become tyrannical and despotic, necessitating their removal from power.

Since being deposed, the Ords are forbidden to have their own standing army, and had to surrender their old Banner house, House Leszek, to the Ashmead’s control.

Luckily, the Ords flourished in their new peaceful role in the empire. Focusing more and more of their efforts into infrastructure, public care, and philosophy. If you’re reading a philosophical text on Ur-Vaalbara, it was likely written by someone from Ord territory.

The Ord pioneered the legal system that the rest of Ur-Vaalbara uses to this day. The Ords have, in fact, made several improvements to the law that the rest of the empire is struggling to catch up to.


King Vespasian Ord
King Orbanus Ord (married into House Kerrichs)
Queen Caspasia Ord (married into House Sioccrass)


Ord territory is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and is very difficult to assault. It is rich in minerals and metals, but poorly suited for fast travel or farming. They rely on trade for much of their foodstuffs.

House Ord

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