House Lockyear


House Lockyear started and led the rebellion against the then-tyrannical Ords and united all of Ur-Vaalbara into their empire. The Lockyears have a history of breeding charismatic leaders and warrior-diplomats. It was obvious when the rebellion started that no other rebel House was suited to imperialism better than the Lockyears.

The former Emperor, Lionel Lockyear (also known as the Sun Emperor) ruled Ur-Vaalbara controversially. A hero and god to the smallfolk of his own territories and the empire wide over, he enacted law after law protecting their rights. He gave bread to the poor, and lowered taxes on the peasantry to great aplomb.

However, this meant that he raised taxes on the nobility, and generally ignored and obfuscated his way out of dealing with the Nobility of his empire. He invented dances, bizarre protocol, and a thousand obscure gestures to be considered polite at court, and forced his subjects to learn them. He danced through politics, dismissing the needs of his nobility as whining and moaning.

Unfortunately, on the final day of the Sun Tournament, a tournament he had thrown on the occasion of his son’s nameday, the emperor was assassinated. Poisoned while he ate with the tourney winners, no one truly knows who murdered the emperor.

The empress, Dierra Kerrich, has been forced to take the reigns of Ur-Vaalbara until her son Jotten can be coronated. She has dispatched several agents to determine who murdered her husband, but so far none have uncovered the truth.

House Amandine flies the banner of House Lockyear.


Emperor Jotten Lockyear
Empress Dierra Kerrich
Empress-in-waiting Natania Lockyear


As the imperial family, the Lockyears have to take a continental view of many of the problems that plague Ur-Vaalbara. Thus, they hire world renowned advisors and administrators and great generals to steer Ur-Vaalbara in the right direction. Some of these include

Daerys Klot, Imperial Warmaster
Menner Meilander, Arch-Chancellor
and Sian Vine, Master of Coin


The Lockyears have beautiful lands, full of coastal rivers and endless fields of wheat and grain. Their capital city is the seat of the empire, and looks the part. It is said that no cities looks better than Lockyear cities.

House Lockyear

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