House Kerrich


The Kerrichs have long been one of the most expansionistic, militaristic, and powerful of the Houses. Without them, the rebels could have never won against the Ords.

The Kerrichs are also known for their fertility. There are often droves of Kerrichs, warring across the empire.

The Empress is a Kerrich, which lends them considerable political power in Ur-Vaalbara.

Recently, the Kerrichs annexed territory belonging to House Dagrun (more specifically, their Banner House, House Talvace).

The House of Merthyr flies the banner of House Kerrich.


Annika Kerrich
Queen Iona Kerrich
Dierra Kerrich
Gwyneth Kerrich
Thwellan Kerrich
Anwen Kerrich
Kai Kerrich
Bethan Kerrich
Thloyd Kerrich
Ywain Kerrich
Eudoxia Kerrich


The Kerrich’s have a large stretch of territory, relatively temperate and forested, rich in lumber and farmland.

House Kerrich

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