House Handon


House Handon has never been a wealthy House. Nor has it been populous, or bountiful, or kind. But it was there before anyone else. And it will likely remain there until the last ashes of the world are swept away.

When the Ords came to Ur-Vaalbara, a small coatal settlement of people from the land of Aine had already been founded on the northern edge of Ur-Vaalbara. These Ainens were barbarians, but were surprisingly well defended.

In their former homeland of Aine, the Handon clan was known for its masonry and architectural skill. And having been alone on Ur-Vaalbara for eighty years without anyone else to assault them or destroy their homes, they had continued to build fortifications. Today, any castle not built by a Handon architect is second-rate. No one in the empire builds better than the Handons do. Today, the Handon capital contains the largest, most impenetrable fortress in all the continent.

House Handon was so well defended that the Ords realized that they would either have to offer the Handons a place in their empire, or else settle into a decades-long seige. The Ords chose to save themselves the cost of a war and recognized the Handon lands as being neutral as long as the Handon clan agreed not to pillage or harm their neighbouring kingdoms.

Eventually, as the years passed and the Handons became poorer and poorer, they swore an oath of servitude to the imperial family, becoming House Handon.

The Handons are not well-liked by most other Houses. Not because of their heritage, but because they have a reputation for cruelty and viciousness. Smallfolk often joke that there’s something rotten in the heart of every Handon, and that their lands are cursed.

House Handon has been a long-time ally of House Ashmead since they joined the empire. The Ashmeads are their neighbours, and have never cared about cruelty or viciousness in their allies.

House Cenhelm flies the banner of House Handon.


King Robert Handon
Queen Hannah Handon
Hroswith Handon
Eric Handon
Viskar Handon
Lamprecht Fitzhandon

House Handon

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