House Fitzhewlett


The Fitzhewletts are the youngest noble house out of the major Houses of Ur-Vaalbara. Their founder, Ector Fitzhewlett, was a common blacksmith of exceptional talent. His forges kept the rebellion armed and armoured throughout the war, and for his services he was knighted and landed.

Unfortunately, his name was Fitzhewlett, meaning Hewlett’s bastard, and the name has haunted the House of Fitzhewlett since its founding day. Many other noble Houses, except perhaps the Lockyears and Youngmays, look down on the Fitzhewletts as up-jumpers and social climbers, though that is far from the truth.

The Fitzhewletts are master armourers, and craft the finest weapons and armour in the empire, almost as fine as valyrian steel. King Alden Fitzhewlett himself is known as a master craftsman, one of the best of his trade.

House Eastmund and House Leofric fly the Fitzhewlett’s banner.


King Alden Fitzhewlett


The Fitzhewlett’s did not recieve the best land for their founding. It’s sparsely populated, only mediocre for farming, and has cold weather, but it has rich mines and good metal in its soil.

House Fitzhewlett

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