Ywain Kerrich

Fourth son of Iona Kerrich




Ywain Kerrich has little interest in warfare, and has publically distanced himself from his family’s military arm. He, in fact, spends most of his time in Ord universities, learning as much as he can about philosophy and the law in the time he has. He has lived away from his family for over five years.

Despite this, he is not close with his step-father, Orbanus Ord.


his great aunt, Annika Kerrich
his mother, Queen Iona Kerrich
his father, Caeomhin Merthyr, now deceased, was replaced by his step-father Orbanus Ord
His older siblings Dierra Kerrich
Gwyneth Kerrich,
Anwen Kerrich,
Kai Kerrich,
Bethan Kerrich,
Thloyd Kerrich,
and his younger sister Eudoxia Kerrich

Ywain Kerrich

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