Viskar Handon

Nephew of King Robert Handon, son to a traitor




Viskar is the quietest and least brash of his family. And even though he spends most of his time around his cousins, Eric and Hroswith, he seems ill at ease with them of late.

Viskar’s father Herroth plotted to overthrow King Robert Handon. Viskar was unaware of this until his father was beheaded in front of him.

Viskar is a architectural prodigy. He has been called upon to design and oversee the construction of castles from nearly every corner of Ur-Vaalbara. Including keeps and castles for the Ashmeads, Lockyears, Logues, and Stannards. Because of this, he is responsible for bringing in much of the wealth House Handon has.


King Robert Handon, his uncle
and his cousins, Queen Hannah Handon
Hroswith Handon,
and Eric Handon
plus his second cousin Lamprecht Fitzhandon

Viskar Handon

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