Thloyd Kerrich

Third son of Iona Kerrich




Eager to prove himself and thirsty for glory, Thloyd Kerrich has a habit of charging into situations that his older brothers have to rescue him from. But, he tends to come out alright.

Thloyd had a rivalry with Kai Kerrich, which Kai couldn’t have cared less about when he was alive.


his great aunt, Annika Kerrich
his mother, Queen Iona Kerrich
his father, Ianto Merthyr, now deceased, was replaced by his step-father Orbanus Ord
His older siblings Dierra Kerrich
Gwyneth Kerrich,
Anwen Kerrich,
Kai Kerrich,
Bethan Kerrich,
and his younger siblings Ywain Kerrich,
and Eudoxia Kerrich

Thloyd Kerrich

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