The King's Crow

Champion of Adavaar


This mysterious figure appeared in Adavaar territory several months ago, and entered the service of young King Roland Adavaar.

Followed by a shadowy creature of feather and fang, and garbed in a mantle of Stormcrow feathers, this warrior enters the fray of battle wielding a great shield and spear with a prowess few can hope to match.

At the recent battle of Crow Hill, he single-handedly routed a force of Redway infantry, earning him the name “The King’s Crow”.

Following the events of Crow Hill, rumours have started to take root among the soldiers and smallfolk of Redway. They say he can’t be killed. That he is an immortal fiend summoned from the depths by King Roland, or some ancient god of Storm and sky, returned to seek vengeance upon the enemies of Adavaar.

The King's Crow

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