Seosaimhthín (SHO-sha-veen) the Bastard

Bastard daughter of Queen Maeryn Youngmay




Seosaimhthín is the third child of Queen Maeryn Youngmay. She is, unsurprisingly, a bastard. Born to Maeryn Youngmay and Aengus Caedwyn, a commander in the Youngmay army, Seosaimhthín was born on the campaign trail of a battle. It is said that her mother, too pregnant to fight in close combat, took up archery just so she could keep fighting while carrying Seosaimhthín.

Seosaimhthín grew up bathed in the blood of the enemies of House Youngmay. Queen Maeryn welcomed her with opened arms and trained her in the art of gutting men from bow to stern. Seosaimhthín should have been named Fitzyoungmay, but refused that name. She prefers that others call her what she is: the bastard.

Where Maeryn trained Seosaimhthín’s half-sister Brigid to war with caution, as Brigid would have to survive to inherit the Youngmay throne, she taught no such caution into Seosaimhthín.

Seosaimhthín is known for going into battle, almost completely unarmoured, and tearing her enemy apart with her claymore and her bare teeth. Seosaimhthín is not a lunatic, however, and outside of battle she is much calmer and patient than both her mother and half-sister.

Seosaimhthín often accompanies her mother on the war trail, and journeyed with her to conquer in Lhazar.


Queen Maeryn Youngmay, her mother
Aengus Caedwyn, her father
Maeve Youngmay, her aunt
Brigid Youngmay, her half-sister
Her half-brother, Callum Youngmay, is warded to the Stannards

Seosaimhthín (SHO-sha-veen) the Bastard

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