King Robert Handon

King of House Handon




Robert Handon has ruled House Handon since he was fourteen and his father Herroth Handon was gored to death by a boar on a hunting trip. Robert is feared much more than he is loved by his people. It is said he beat his own wife to death after she had an affair. He has never remarried, and is rumoured to be chaste.

His brother, Oleg Handon, attempted to usurp Robert when they where in their middle years. Unfortunately for Oleg, Robert bested him in combat and destroyed the usurpation.

Also, Robert annexed the holdings of House Vengerrick while the Vengerricks were fighting the civil war in Redway.

Robert loathes the Ords more than any other Handon. He resents them for forcing his ancestors to bend the knee, and now thinks they’re pathetic and enfeebled. His opinion of the other loyalist Houses, such as the Sioccrass, Dagruns and Youngmays is not much better.

King Handon is renowned across Ur-Vaalbara for his hunting skills. In his great hall hang the bones of a hundred dangerous animals, and he collects exotic bones as well. Including the remains of some creatures that have not been seen upon the earth for centuries.

King Handon knows the value of his family, and treats them well, but it would be hard to say that he loves any of them. It is said that Robert has had only two friends in all his life: King Vollenwald Ashmead and his banner lord Herrad Cenhelm. Loyalty means everything to King Robert, and he would rend the earth in two for either of them if they asked.


his daughter Queen Hannah Handon
his eldest son, Hroswith Handon
his second son, Content Not Found: eric-handon
his nephew, Viskar Handon
his bastard grandchild, Lamprecht Fitzhandon

King Robert Handon

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