Raun Stannard

Third son of House Stannard




Raun Stannard inherited a long list of genetic maladies from his inbred family tree. In addition to being a dwarf, Raun lacks sweat glands and has vitamin deficiencies that leave him somewhat jaundiced most of the time.

Raun is a gambler, and jokes that he was born with a playing card in his hand. He cares very little for the fortunes of his House, and generally does not act like a noble.

He is, however, on the lookout for a marriage contract. He hopes that his family’s wealth and prestige will make up for his appearance.

Raun is fond of Callum Youngmay, and often plays the role of an uncle to the ward.


his older brothers, King Charles Stannard
and Edwin Stannard

Raun Stannard

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