Queen Maeryn Youngmay

Conqueror Queen of House Youngmay




Queen Maeryn Youngmay is a true scion of House Youngmay, an exemplar of everything the Youngmays hold dear. She is fearless, an expert warrior, and adventurous to a fault.

Maeryn has a reputation for being impatient, uncouth, and generally unsuited for court. She agrees, and has never been particularly interested in the day-to-day affairs of running her House.

Luckily, her sister Maeve Youngmay serves as the Regent of House Youngmay, running the administrative half of House Youngmay. And even more fortunately, The Queen listens to her sister, and only when her temper gets the better of her does she ignore her advice.

Her first marriage was to a commoner, Caeoimhin (Cay-oh-ven) Barber, who was reportedly so handsome that Queen Maeryn demanded he be her King. They had two children, Callum and Brigid. The other noble Houses of Ur-Vaalbara thought this unconscionable. Needless to say, this did not heighten her reputation.

Luckily Barber turned out to be a competent sailor, and ran the Youngmay’s navy for years until his death in battle. The Queen has not married since, but has taken a variety of paramours over the years, resulted in her bastard daughter, SeosaimhthĂ­n.

Fifteen years ago, Maeryn staged a rebellion, and attempted to gather enough force to declare independence from the Sceptre and Imperial rule. Though she fought and won many battles, she failed, and her son Callum was warded to the Stannards as insurance against further rebellion.

Mearyn Youngmay is one of the most fervant, enthusiastic proponents of uniting the Loyalist Houses and seizing back rule of the empire for the Ords. This is somewhat of an open secret throughout the realm.

Recently, within the last five years, Queen Maeryn has decided to focus outwards, and journey to her neighbouring continent of Lhazar. Originally, she simply came to conquer new territory, but when she arrived the Lhazar were enslaved and tyrannized by Dothraki horselords. After Queen Maeryn liberated the Lhazar peoples, she realized she could expand her territories exponentially by freeing more enslaved Lhazarenes and swearing them to House Youngmay.

Because of this, House Youngmay has the largest swathe of territory and greatet population of any House on Ur-Vaalbara. This also means that the Queen has been basically absent from her own kingdom for five years, and has let her sister and daughter rule in her place.


Maeve Youngmay, her sister
Brigid Youngmay, her eldest daughter
SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard, her bastard daughter
Her son, Callum Youngmay, is warded to the Stannards
Her trusted servants, Gaunt & Gallow

Queen Maeryn Youngmay

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