Queen Joyce Benjoy

Queen of House Stannard




Joyce Benjoy was sold into her marriage to King Charles Stannard for the benefit of their Houses, not because she wanted to be married to an invalid. She has not been able to give King Charles a child, perhaps because King Charles might be incapable of the act.

She spends most of her time distracting herself with plays and art. It is rumoured that she is rather too familiar with Edwin Stannard. If she was found to be cuckolding her King, it would normally mean her head, but with King Charles, no one’s sure how that will work out.

Queen Joyce hates that her family sold her away, and has severed all ties with the Benjoys.


her husband, King Charles Stannard
her brother-in-law, Edwin Stannard
her other brother-in-law, Raun Stannard
her sister, Queen Margaret Benjoy
her brother-in-law, King Fenton Benjoy
her nieces, Celia Benjoy,
Diedre Benjoy,
and Irene Benjoy

Queen Joyce Benjoy

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