Queen Hannah Handon

Queen of House Ashmead




Hannah Handon is widely regarded as a monster and a sadist. She is also married to Vollenwald Ashmead. This is a mean combination.

Hannah was born an albino, and wears a wig to cover her white hair. She bore a bastard when she was young, Lamprecht Fitzhandon, whose company she enjoys more than any of the rest of her family.

Before her marriage to Vollenwald Ashmead, Hannah was married to Gulick Brannislav, whom she despised. She conspired to have her father, King Robert Handon, become very angry with her husband. So together, they emasculated her old husband, declared him unfit to be wed to, and then she went off to marry Vollenwald, as his first wife had died recently.

She enjoyed her throne immensely, and actually found Vollenwald somewhat interesting. She didn’t know what to make of her step-son, Adalbrecht Ashmead, but few people did.

Screams used to echo from her tower in Ashmead at night. The Ashmead smallfolk swore they could hear terrible sounds coming from her chambers every day.

Since Lord Iosef Leszek seized control of House Ashmead, Hannah Handon and her bastard son were forced to leave Ashmead territories and return home.


Her husband, King Vollenwald Ashmead
King Robert Handon
her son, Lampecht Fitzhandon
Her brothers Hroswith Handon
and Eric Handon
Her cousin Viskar Handon

Queen Hannah Handon

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