Queen Caspasia Ord

Queen of House Sioccrass




Caspasia Ord married King Leovazzi Sioccrass in order to secure greater fortunes for her not-particularly-rich House. The marriage was known to be one of the more miserable ones in Ur-Vaalbara.

Leovazzi’s polygamy was an open secret in the empire, as was Caspasia’s loathing for her former husband.

An intelligent woman, few people feel she will simply be content with suffering until the death of her husband. She has never bore Leovazzi any children. The smallfolk joke that she did it out of spite.

After the assassination of Leovazzi Sioccrass, Queen Caspasia retreated to her home territory in Ord and abdicated her claim to the Sioccrass throne.


She was married to King Leovazzi Sioccrass
Her eldest brother, King Vespasian Ord
Her older brother, King Orbanus Ord
Eudoxia Kerrich is her niece

Queen Caspasia Ord

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