King Vespasian Ord

King of House Ord




Vespasian Ord is the current King of House Ord. He is regarded as a fair and honest man, and commands respect from both the loyalist and the rebel Houses on Ur-Vaalbara.

Known for almost never leaving his mountain retreat, Vespasian Ord might be the greatest Judge on the face of Ur-Vaalbara. His knowledge of every House’s legal systems is near preternatural. Vespasian is often called upon to arbitrate or decide matters of dispute between the other Houses.

His devotion to the law is so great that when his son and only heir Caius Ord was kidnapped by bandits, Vespasian refused to pay a single coin of the ransom. He let his only child die rather than give in to something as unlawful as terrorism.


his younger brother, King Orbanus Ord
and his younger sister, Queen Caspasia Ord
Eudoxia Kerrich is his niece

King Vespasian Ord

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