Maeve Youngmay

Second daughter, and Regent, of House Youngmay




Maeve Youngmay has been the ruling Regent of her House ever since her sister, Queen Maeryn Youngmay, went to conquer the Lhazar and ended up liberating them. She is an able ruler, and finds comfort in the day-to-day ruling of her sister’s kingdom (where Maeryn does not).

Maeve is thought to suffer from severe melancholia, and even at the best of times seems slightly sad. Maeve has a long scar over her left eye, and no one knows how she got it.

Through unknown means, Maeve Youngmay gained the utter and complete devotion of a mystery warrior now known as Cu Maeve (Maeve’s Hound). She does not even seem to like Cu Maeve, they do not seem to be friends. She tends to regard him as a burden she must endure.


Cu Maeve, her hound
Queen Maeryn Youngmay, her sister
Brigid Youngmay, her niece
SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard, her bastard niece
Her nephew, Callum Youngmay, is warded to the Stannards

Maeve Youngmay

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