Sun Emperor Lionel Lockyear (Deceased)

Former Emperor of Ur-Vaalbara




Hero to his people, villain to his vassals, Lionel Lockyear was a dividing figure in imperial politics.

He was assassinated during a dinner with the winners of the Sun Tourney: Adalbrecht Ashmead, Bethan Kerrich, Thloyd Kerrich, King Tolen Adavaar, and Sir Worth of Benjoy. It is unknown if any of the Tournament victors plotted his demise, but with the demise of Adalbrecht Ashmead the list is growing shorter.

When the Sun Emperor died, his people burned the streets in grief for his passing. The smallfolk weep still.

It was Lionel who knighted Daerys Klot and Sian Vine, out of his belief that merit should determine one’s fate rather than birth.

Lionel leaves his two children, Natania and Jotten, to forge their way through the future.


Was married to Dierra Kerrich,
Father to Natania Lockyear
and Jotten Lockyear

Sun Emperor Lionel Lockyear (Deceased)

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