Lamprecht Fitzhandon

Bastard son of Queen Hannah Handon




Little is known about Hannah Handon‘s bastard son, other than he grew up as a bastard amongst the Handons, who aren’t necessarily the most pleasant bunch.

He is an albino, like his mother.

After the death of Adalbrecht Ashmead, Hannah called for Lamprecht to come to Ashmead territory and help them recover from their most recent insurrection. But his “help” was to be short-lived, as Lord Leszek soon seized control of the Ashmead territory, and forced Lamprecht and his mother to return home.


his grandfather, King Robert Handon
his mother, Queen Hannah Handon
his uncles Hroswith Handon
and Eric Handon
and his cousin once-removed, Viskar Handon

Lamprecht Fitzhandon

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