King Charles Stannard

Addled, inbred King of House Stannard




Charles Stannard was born insane, mentally adrift since the moment of his birth. Which was unfortunate, as he was supposed to rule as the Lord of his House.

Charles is kept in the Stannard keep, and occasionally let outside under guard to see festival plays.

In order to continue the Stannard bloodline, a marriage between Charles and Joyce Benjoy was arranged. So far, this union has not produced an heir, and many wonder if Charles is capable of the sexual act at all.

Charles is not unintelligent, he has a near eidetic memory, but he is often so out of touch with reality as to render him unable to engage in simple conversation.

However, even through the haze of madness, Charles is fiercely loyal and protective of his younger brother, Edwin. Conversely, he is afraid of his other brother, Raun.


Charles is married toJoyce Benjoy, his Queen
His brother and Regent is Edwin Stannard
and his other brother, Raun Stannard

King Charles Stannard

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