King Roland Adavaar

King of Adavaar and rightful King of Redway



Roland is 19 years old. He is tall and strong for his age, with short dark hair, angular features, and crisp blue eyes. He stands with the confidence of someone raised in court and tried in the training yard. He is renown for being polite, charming, and incredibly determined.

In battle he wields Proudsong, the ancestral Skymetal bastard sword of House Adavaar. Also known as the Adavaar Song Blade, it is so named for the musical hum and ringing it makes when passing through the air.


Born Tolen FitzRedway, the eldest son and bastard of King Herrad Redway and Lady Illithia Adavaar.

He never met his mother(she passed when he was quite young), but he was very close with his father and his younger brother, Baelid Redway. Despite this, Queen Vaeli Redway saw to it that he never quite felt at home.

At the age of 12, while on a trip to the Imperial City with his family, he saved Natania Lockyear in a hunting accident. In return for this deed, the Emperor legitimized him, making him heir to the Redway throne.

A few years later, his father took ill. After that, he was shipped off to his mother’s ancestral home of Adavaar.

2 years ago, King Herrad Redway died. Immediately following, Baelid took the throne as King of Redway, despite now being second in line.
As an act of rebellion against this false claim, Tolen changed his name to reflect his Adavaar heritage and took up arms.

He now leads his mother’s people in a civil war to take his rightful place as King of Redway.

King Roland Adavaar

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