King Leovazzi Sioccrass [Deceased]

King of House Sioccrass




Leovazzi Sioccrass ascended the Sioccrass throne early. He was 19 when his mother passed away and he took control of their House. He has ruled very well, if you count financial success as “very well.”

Through business acumen, owning and operating many of his own private businesses, and good luck, Leovazzi made House Sioccrass as rich as it has ever been.

Leovazzi doesn’t necessarily like King Vespasian Ord, but he was a big believer in traditionalism and emulating his ancestors, so he married Caspasia Ord and made her his Queen.

Unfortunately for Caspasia, Leovazzi also held fast to another ancient Sioccrass tradition. Polygamy. Not completely openly, he would never admit this to his enemy’s faces, as it is illegal in the empire, but it was the biggest open secret in all of Ur-Vaalbara that Leovazzi had four wives.

The first, Queen Caspasia, for tradition’s sake. The second, Annamaria, for the thrill of it. The third, Leona, for her intellect, and the fourth, Bianca, for her radiance.

Leovazzi did not hate Caspasia Ord, though she certainly loathed him.

Leovazzi didn’t even particularly like his House’s ancient allied Houses. He found the Ords both rigid and too progressive, the Youngmays too vulgar, the Dagruns too dull, and the Brannislavs too unimportant. But he still favoured them in trade deals, marraige alliances, and everything else, all for the sake of the past.

Leovazzi was murdered by the mercenary Antaryon Otherys during a covert attack against the Sioccrass. Leaving his brother, Bowen Sioccrass, as the King of Sioccrass.


His former Queen, Caspasia Ord
His other wives, Annamaria Sioccrass,
Leona Sioccrass,
and Bianca Sioccrass

King Leovazzi Sioccrass [Deceased]

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