Kai Kerrich [deceased]

Bloodthirsty second son of Iona Kerrich




Kai Kerrich is a terror on and off the battlefield. Possessed of a merciless temper and a vicious mind, Kai is a berserker who’s earned every bit of fear and hatred that comes his way.

Nonetheless, he is an exceptional warrior, though his style of combat often leaves him very injured after prolonged battles.

Most recently, Kai Kerrich gained notoriety for killing the former head of House Talvace, even after he’d yielded. Only the empress’ intervention saved him from the noose.

Kai Kerrich was recently found poisoned by his own Maester, who was executed for being a traitor. Kai Kerrich’s death was similar to another death in the region, leaving some suspicious as to the method of his death.


his great aunt, Annika Kerrich
his mother, Queen Iona Kerrich
his father, Ianto Merthyr, now deceased, was replaced by his step-father Orbanus Ord
His older sisters, Dierra Kerrich
Gwyneth Kerrich,
and Anwen Kerrich,
His younger siblings Bethan Kerrich,
Thloyd Kerrich,
Ywain Kerrich,
and Eudoxia Kerrich

Kai Kerrich [deceased]

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