Queen Iona Kerrich

Queen of House Kerrich



(Note: imagine she looks older. It’s sometimes tricky to find pictures of older women in fantasy art).


Queen Iona Kerrich is one of the most powerful people in Ur-Vaalbara. Not only does she rule the best military in all the empire, but she is mother to the current Empress, Dierra Kerrich.

Iona is known for her aggressive political strategems, her fertility, and tendency to outlive her husbands. She is currently married to her fourth husband, Orbanus Ord. She has little patience for incompetence, and has seen two of her husbands die in battle. The other one died under… mysterious circumstances while at home.


Iona is the Niece of Annika Kerrich
Iona is also the mother of Dierra Kerrich
Gwyneth Kerrich,
Thwellan Kerrich,
Anwen Kerrich,
Kai Kerrich,
Bethan Kerrich,
Thloyd Kerrich,
Ywain Kerrich,
and Eudoxia Kerrich

Queen Iona Kerrich

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