Hroswith Handon

First son and heir of House Handon




Hroswith is his father’s son, and has a similar temperament. King Robert had Hroswith when he was fifteen, so the age difference between father and son isn’t that big. Where Robert is 58, Hroswith is 43.

Hroswith is a dutifil brute, and serves his father ably. But, Hroswith has bigger ambitions for his House than his father, and has no irrational dislike of former loyalist Houses.

Hroswith spends most of his time with his brother Eric, and his cousin Viskar. Though lately he’s been seen meeting with King Tolen Adavaar. Perhaps King Robert will object to the Handons being pulled into a civil war?


His father, King Robert Handon
His younger siblings, Queen Hannah Handon,
and Eric Handon
His cousin Viskar Handon
His nephew, Lamprecht Fitzhandon

Hroswith Handon

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