General Laurent Severin

Warmaster of the Duchy of Bellerose




General Laurent Severin began his military career as a mercenary based out of Bellerose. Despite its gradual gentrification, the Duchy of Bellerose never stopped being a mercenary hub. That aspect of their history was simply de-emphasized over time.

Due to their political neutrality, General Severin oversaw the employment of over a hundred different mercenary companies, each of which owed nominal loyalty to the Duchy but could walk amongst the peoples of the Ur-Vaalbara with relative ease.

That’s changed.

General Severin now finds himself stuck with starving mercenary bands on a quarantined island, with no enemy for them to fight. The General has campaigned, time and time again, for Bellerose to take a more aggressive stance towards the empire and sieze what they need.

If they don’t, Severin reasons, they will all die.

General Severin is a very private man, and it is not easy to tell where his true alliegances lie behind his mask.

General Laurent Severin

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