Eudoxia Kerrich

Only daughter of Iona Kerrich and Orbanus Ord




Eudoxia Kerrich is in a precarious position. She is the only child of Orbanus Ord, and potentially stands to inherit the Ord throne if Vespasian Ord produces no other children.

She is caught in the crossfires of her upbringing. Her father wishes to spare her the ravages of war in the Kerrich style, while her mother wishes to teach her to survive it should she have to. Her life will not be easy.


her great aunt, Annika Kerrich
her mother, Queen Iona Kerrich,
her father, Orbanus Ord,
her uncle, King Vespasian Ord,
her aunt, Queen Caspasia Ord.
Her older siblings, Dierra Kerrich,
Gwyneth Kerrich,
Thwellan Kerrich,
Anwen Kerrich,
Kai Kerrich,
Bethan Kerrich,
Thloyd Kerrich,
and Ywain Kerrich,

Eudoxia Kerrich

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