Edwin Stannard

Regent of House Stannard




Edwin Stannard is the de facto ruler and Regent of House Stannard, serving in his brother’s stead due to King Charles’ insanity. Edwin has ruled as Regent of House Stannard since he was 14, after his mother passed away.

Edwin is renowned as a patron of the arts and as a bit of a Don Juan. He is married to a minor noble from his own Kingdom, but this has never stopped him. Due to his penchanet for cuckolding other men, Edwin is a very competent duelist, and has killed fourteen men on the field of honour.

He is also known to have a close friendship with his brother’s wife, Joyce Benjoy. The rumours are always flying about those two.

After the failed Youngmay rebellion of 15 years ago, the Stannards were given Callum Youngmay to hold as a ward to ensure the Youngmay’s cooperation. Edwin has personally taken charge of Callum’s upbringing, and views him much like a son.


His older brother and King, Charles Stannard
his younger brother, Raun Stannard

Edwin Stannard

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