Duke Ghyslain Bellerose

Second Duke of the Duchy of Bellerose




When Duke Ghyslain contracted the Bell Plague, it was all but certain he would perish. His affliction was particularly long-lasting and hideous, he spent a full year in the throws of the sickness. It is said that near the end of his durance, he actually died for several minutes before Doctor Sylvain was able to resuscitate him through some strange physic of his design.

Duke Ghyslain awoke from death a changed man. Where before he had been meek and shy, he now thirsts for Bellerose to take to the seas and force the empire to deal with them.

He is a popular figure amongst the remaining peasantry of the Duchy of Bellerose, and is rumoured to have spent almost every waking hour in the company of Joachim, the red priest of R’hllor since his rebirth.

He is also a close confidante of General Severin, and shares his aggressive attitude towards the future of the Duchy.


His mother, Duchess Noelle Bellerose
and his brother, Duke Eloi Bellerose

Duke Ghyslain Bellerose

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