Duke Eloi Bellerose

Heir to, and First Duke of, the Duchy of Bellerose




Duke Eloi is the eldest son of Duchess Noelle Bellerose, and the heir to the ruined Duchy of Bellerose.

Before his affliction, the Duke was known as something of a rake and a man of great sexual conquests. But since his bout with the Bell Plague, his features have a decidedly less handsome caste to them.

Duke Eloi stands with his mother, in that he seeks a peaceful solution to Bellerose’s endless quarantine. But he is also a great student of Doctor Sylvain, who nursed him through his illness, and feels that the Bell Plague itself is a remarkable bargaining chip.

Duke Eloi and his brother, Duke Ghyslain of Bellerose, do not get along.


Duchess Noelle Bellerose, his mother
and Duke Ghyslain Bellerose, his younger brother

Duke Eloi Bellerose

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