Duchess Noelle Bellerose

Ruler of Bellerose




The Duchess of Bellerose is determined not to let her people or her House die. She will lead her subjects out of their terrible misfortune, no matter what. She is also one of the few people who seems to be immune to the Bell Plague.

Before the outbreak, the Duchess was an adept political player in the courts of the Sun Emperor Lionel Lockyear, and operated – courteously and politely – to ensure the good fortune of her Duchy. That ended the day her husband, the Duke of Bellerose, died hideously from the Bell Plague and all travel to and from Bellerose was shut down for the sake of the quarantine.

Her people are starving. She’s watched a husband, two daughters, and a son die to the plague that laid low her House.

She strives to maintain her dignity and poise, and is striving to send messengers to the empress to request food or supplies, but her people are boiling books for the lard in their bindings to keep themselves fed. Her General is clamouring for war, her royal physician insists the plague is nowhere near finished with her people, and her two remaining sons are still infected. There’s only so much one person can take.

Recently, a rumour has circulated in some smuggling circles. That not long ago, a red priest of R’hllor sailed into the Duchess’ court of corpses and has been proselytizing to her people.


Her sons, Duke Eloi Bellerose
and Duke Ghyslain Bellerose

She is served by Doctor Larroque Sylvain,
Her General Laurent Severin
Her banner Lord Jean-Phillipe Dorien
and Red Priest Joachim

Duchess Noelle Bellerose

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