Doctor Larroque Sylvain

Royal Physician to the Duchy of Bellerose




When the Bell Plague hit the Duchy of Bellerose, it was beyond fortunate that Doctor Slyvain lived amongst them.

Sylvain quickly gained the trust and the admiration of the Dukedom by organizing and directing the quarantine efforts, and his skill in medicine likely saved the lives of both of Duchess Noelle’s two surviving sons, the Dukes Eloi and Ghyslain.

Doctor Sylvain was quickly promoted to the rank of Royal Physician, a move the peasantry are not very happy with. Sylvain is very intelligent, but some distrust his timing. Emerging to snatch up a Royal position at the outbreak of a plague was perhaps a bit too coincidental.

Doctor Sylvain does not get along with the Duchess’ new religious advisor, Joachim.

Doctor Larroque Sylvain

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