Daerys Klot

Imperial Warmaster




Daerys Klot has served in the military since he was eleven years old, and he’s served the Lockyear empire almost as long.

Daerys Klot proved he possessed a strong mind for strategy during the Youngmay rebellion of 15 years ago. It was Daerys’ efforts that stymied the rogue noble House and his tactics that secured Callum Youngmay as a ward to discourage further attacks.

Daerys is not a noble by birth, like Sian Vine, Klot was born a smallfolk. Lionel Lockyear raised him up and Knighted him for his service, for which he is eternally greatful. He will not rest until he’s found the Emperor’s assassin.

He is trying very hard not to let his age show, and he is trying to convince Sian Vine to give him access to her network of informants and spies.

Daerys Klot

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