Cu Maeve

Maeve's Hound




Cu Maeve is Maeve Youngmay’s retainer and guardian, though none can answer why he is either of those things. Apparently, he simply arrived one day with Maeve from a weeklong hunting trip, and has been at her side ever since.

Cu Maeve is barely considered a person by the rest of Ur-Vaalbara. Cu Maeve is somewhere between fact and legend.

Cu Maeve is doubtlessly the best warrior in all of Ur-Vaalbara, without question. Whether with sword, axe, or bow, no one has ever come close to beating Cu Maeve in single combat. In the Sun Tourney, it took four tournament champions just to fight him to a stand-still, Adalbrecht Ashmead, Ser Worth of Benjoy, Bethan Kerrich, and Tolen Adavaar.

The legends surrounding him grow more fantastical each passing year. It is said that he does not need to breathe if he wishes not to, that he does not eat or drink, that he walks on air, and that he killed a hundred men singlehandedly.

Cu Maeve almost never speaks, though when he does it nearly always to Maeve Youngmay. There is literally no order, no humiliation or evil Cu Maeve would not do if Maeve Youngmay ordered him to do it.


Serves Maeve Youngmay absolutely and completely

Cu Maeve

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