Callum Youngmay

Firstborn Heir to the House of Youngmay, Ward of House Stannard




Callum Youngmay was a hostage of war. The eldest child of Queen Mearyn Youngmay, he was given to the Stannards as insurance that they would not rebel again.

Callum barely remembers his birth family, and has, over the years, showed nothing but distaste and shame about his heritage. He finds his original family barbaric, and has shown no interest in his homeland, even publicly abdicating his claim to the throne of House Youngmay.

Callum considers both Edwin Stannard and Raun Stannard to be his father figures, and admires them greatly.

Callum, though technically a ward, is under no movement restrictions or guard from the Stannards, and is generally free to do as he wishes. Callum has grown into an eloquent, well-read aspiring playwright in the Stannard’s kingdom, and he does not wish to leave.


his mother, Queen Mearyn Youngmay
his aunt, Maeve Youngmay
his younger sister, Brigid Youngmay
his half-sister, SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard

Callum Youngmay

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