Brigid (Breet) Youngmay

Firstborn daughter and heir to House Youngmay




More patient and careful than her mother, Brigid Youngmay is nevertheless a proud exemplar of her House.

Born to her mother the Queen and her commoner father, Caeoimhin Barber, Brigid Youngmay was raised not just by her mother, but her aunt, Maeve Youngmay. Her mother taught her how to kill, and her aunt taught her how to rule. She taught herself ambition.

Brigid switches back and forth from the campaign trail and statesmanship. She is much more politically astute than her mother, though still a bit restless for her aunt’s liking.

Brigid, more than her mother, despises her brother Callum Youngmay for going soft from his years with the Stannards. She is very fond of her half-sister SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard.

Brigid is heir to the House with the largest army and the most land in all of Ur-Vaalbara, and the marriage proposals are starting to flood in. However, she has not yet chosen a suitor.


Queen Maeryn Youngmay, her mother
Maeve Youngmay, her aunt
SeosaimhthĂ­n the Bastard, her half-sister
Her brother, Callum Youngmay, is warded to the Stannards

Brigid (Breet) Youngmay

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