Bethan Kerrich

Fourth daughter of Iona Kerrich




Bethan Kerrich is widely known across Ur-Vaalbara for her prowess with the sword, as she was just recently one of the winners of the Sun Tournament, and was part of the team that took down Cu Maeve.

Bethan is a woman of faith and patience, and believes wholeheartedly in the seven.

Her armour is of Fitzhewlett craftsmanship and was given to her as a nameday present by King Alden Fitzhewlett himself.


her great aunt, Annika Kerrich
her mother, Queen Iona Kerrich
her father, Ianto Merthyr, now deceased, was replaced by her step-father Orbanus Ord
Her older siblings, Dierra Kerrich,
Gwyneth Kerrich,
Thwellan Kerrich,
Anwen Kerrich,
and Kai Kerrich,
Her younger siblings Thloyd Kerrich,
Ywain Kerrich,
and Eudoxia Kerrich

Bethan Kerrich

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