Anwen Kerrich

Third daughter of Iona Kerrich



Anwen Kerrich is, out of her family, the most focused on perfect discipline. She’s almost monomaniacal about it. She leads the most feared cavalry in the empire, and can equal anyone on horseback.

She bears a shield with a Vengerrick sigil because her beloved husband, Rochussen Vengerrick, died to the plague during the Bellerose quarantine.


her great aunt, Annika Kerrich
her mother, Queen Iona Kerrich
her father, Ianto Merthyr, now deceased, was replaced by her step-father Orbanus Ord
Her older sisters, Dierra Kerrich
and Gwyneth Kerrich
Her older brother Thwellan Kerrich,
and her younger siblings Kai Kerrich,
Bethan Kerrich,
Thloyd Kerrich,
Ywain Kerrich,
and Eudoxia Kerrich


Anwen Kerrich

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