A Song of Sea and Storm

The Fall of Ashmead and the Rise of House Leszek

A shift in power

House Ashmead has fallen.

The devastating damage done by the last insurrection crippled the reviled House in the north. Almost every man and woman in the capitol of Ashmead was butchered, leaving the royal House of Ashmead a tattered remnant of what it once was.

They called upon their Banner lords to lend them their military might and restore their House, but they were met again with disappointment.

House Leszek, a former Banner House of the Ords, was banished to the northern end of the Empire after the rebellion succeeded. The Leszeks were forcibly relocated from the Ord mountaintops into the frozen Ashmead wastes. Where they have reluctantly served the Ashmeads with loyal service.

House Leszek has now seized the Ashmead capitol and enthroned itself as the new ruling House of the Ashmead territory.



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